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Bulk quantities (1/4, 1/2 and whole beef) are the best value, and the most popular choice among our customers. You will have the option to receive a variety of ground beef, steaks, roasts, brisket, stew meat, and extra cuts. This is great for those wanting to stock up and not worry about frequent changes in the beef supply and demand.  Plan ahead and fill your freezer with local, high-quality beef!


This is a deposit only. See below for more information:


Price is $4.15/LB (hanging weight), which INCLUDES processing fees: the estimated final price is $2900-$3300 and the estimated final hanging weight is between 700 and 800 lbs. (this can vary depending on time of year). This price INCLUDES the standard processing fees, plus free delivery to all of our pickup points throughout Nebraska and Colorado. 


Final price is determined by the hanging weight. Once item is weighed, we will notify you of the final price. Remaining balance will be due upon delivery. We accept cash, check or card. There is a 3.5% transaction fee applied for using a card.


The estimated weight range noted above is the hanging weight and the actual take-home weight will be less.  


$25 splitting fee added to all 1/4 beef orders. This fee is waived on 1/2 and whole beef bulk quantities.


Bulk Quantity price INCLUDES

  • standard processing fees
  • vacuum-sealed meat
  • three-week hang time
  • delivery to several pick up locations throughout Nebraska and Colorado.


Bulk orders are not available for national shipping.



Whole Beef Deposit

  • 1. Pay Deposit Online + Receive Your Digital Guide

    - Choose which size of bulk beef order you want and pay your deposit today.

    - Instantly receive access to our Bulk Beef Digital Guide that will go over next steps, the cutsheet, and FAQs.

    2. Request Your Cut Preferences

    - About a week before your order is processed, Steakmaster (our processing company) will reach out to you via phone to go over which cuts you want and how you want them packaged.

    3. Final Payment & Schedule Delivery

    Exact total of your bulk order will be determined at processing. Once your beef is ready, we will reach out to you to coordinate final payment and delivery/pickup location.

  • Bulk orders are available for delivery throughout Nebraska and Colorado (see our Pickup Point Locations).

    We DO NOT offer nationwide shipping on bulk orders. You can contact us directly to discuss special arrangements.

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