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  • How lean is your ground beef?
    All of our ground beef is 85%-90% lean beef.
  • How much will a 1/2 beef cost?
    The cost will vary slightly because the size of each beef will vary. However, we estimate that a 1/2 beef will weigh around 400 lbs, hanging weight. Based on a 1/2 beef that weighs 400 pounds, the total cost would be $1660.00 (400 lbs. x $4.15). This includes ALL standard processing fees (cutting and packaging), vacuum seal fee, 3 weeks aging and delivery. * This is an estimate and your actual order could be less or more. See Our Products page for more information.
  • How much does processing cost?
    Typically nothing - We cover all standard processing fees. The customer is only responsible for additional fees if they request something that is not covered in standard processing, such as pre-made hamburger patties or filet mignon.
  • Where is your beef processed?
    All of our beef is processed and USDA inspected through SteakMaster in Elwood, Nebraska.
  • How long will beef in the freezer stay fresh?
    If stored properly, beef will stay fresh for at least two years in a freezer.
  • What are the different cuts available?
    Under our Resources tab, you will find a cut sheet for SteakMaster that lists the different cuts available, including a variety of steaks, roasts and ground beef options.
  • How much of each cut will I get?
    Since bulk quantity orders are customized, each order will vary slightly. However, most orders will consist approximately of the following: 20-25% steaks 20-25% roasts 40-45% ground beef 10-15% other cuts of meat
  • What type of cattle do you raise?
    All of our cattle are Red Angus/Red Angus Cross and are born and raised on our ranch. Red Angus is a red-colored breed of beef cattle selected from the population of Aberdeen Angus cattle and are commonly used in beef production. ​
  • How much freezer space do I need?
    A half beef would require approximately 7-8 cubic feet.


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