SteakMaster Cut Sheet

This cut sheet is used for all 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef orders going to Steakmasters.


Beef Primal Cuts

This is a beef cut diagram showing the primal beef cuts.


Beef Cuts & Cooking Methods

This is a great document showing the different cuts, along with recommended cooking methods.


Nebraska Beef Council

Check out the Nebraska Beef Council’s website where you will find us listed as a Nebraska meat supplier, along with several articles and useful information regarding beef production.


We will be at the following Lincoln markets this year so come visit us! If you would like to reserve an order to pick up at the market, feel free to contact us ahead of time and we will have it ready for you!

Tjaden Ranch at Old Cheney Road Farmer's Market

Sunday Farmers' Market at College View 2021:

 4801 Prescott Ave, Lincoln NE 68506.

We will be attending monthly - Dates Coming Soon

Tjaden Ranch at Old Cheney Road Farmer's Market

Holiday Harvest Farmers Market 2021:

Dates and Location to be determined