Thanks to Tjaden Beef, we have the makings for some deluxe burgers tonight. 

Jayson and Deanne BIshop

Grant, ne

The beef is excellent!  Thanks for delivering it. We had some New York strips last weekend and they were very tender and flavorful.  Also tried a roast and it was great . Kids are loving the hamburgers.  We've been eating beef every day since we got it.

Jen Potter

Omaha, ne

Another Tjaden Ranch magnificent performance! Had one of the Tjaden Ranch T-Bones last week and it was amazing.......then last night I made some burgers with the Tjaden Ranch Ground Sirloin and it may have been the best burger I have had in 64 years........wow


Lincoln, ne

We've just received our second meat bundle and are so excited to have such amazing QUALITY beef again! We weren't sure at first how much difference it would make, but the flavor is so much better than anything we could buy at our grocery store. We've also received many complements from guests when we've shared meals with meat from Tjaden Ranch. Casey and Nicole are great to work with, and we'll continue to be repeat customers! I'm incredibly glad that we discovered them!

Lynn Hayne

Highlands Ranch, co

Folks, I don’t know what you do to your beef but it is the tastiest meat I have ever eaten. I plan on being a customer for a long time.  Thank You. P.S. my dog absolutely LOVES the bones!!

mike spaur

evans, co

Awesome Experience!! We have had some hamburger and a roast and the flavor is amazing! Love the packaging of the meat!! Love everything about it will definitely be getting all our meat from them!

Tonya Fournier

Cheyenne, wy

Am grateful for the opportunity to purchase and eat such great tasting beef. It a pleasurable experience working with you family. You are very accommodating. Thank you!

merle gruber

lincoln, ne

So I left some Sirloins out last night for us to have for dinner tonight, I love grilling and have multiple steak rubs and seasonings I use religiously. Tonight I decided to just lightly salt and pepper the steaks cause I just wanted to try the flavor of your guys beef.  It definitely exceeded my expectations!!! Everyone kept saying how good the steak was all through dinner! Thanks a bunch and you definitely have a return customer and I haven't even got into the best parts off the beef yet so I can only imagine what the ribeyes taste liketunity to purchase and eat such great tasting beef. It a pleasurable experience working with you family. You are very accommodating. Thank you!

tim long

kimball, ne

Tired of draining the grease and fat off of your beef?  The first thing I noticed when we ordered from Tjaden Ranch was that problem was solved! Such good beef!  The kindness of the owners is a definite plus too!

shawn and monica cole

grant, ne

I'd like to start this review with a bit of a confession. If given a choice between seafood and steak, I usually go for the seafood. I know, such words are blasphemous in this part of the country. It's not that I don't like beef, it's just that while I grew up here in Nebraska, at some point beef got to be so unremarkable, so mundane. 

When my wife first suggested we stock up on some beef from Tjaden Ranch, I didn't have strong feelings one way or the other. The price seemed ...good. That's all I cared about. It's beef. Meh. We go through a lot of it, might as well have some on hand. 

Now I'm almost 40, and I don't have epiphanies very often these days, let alone food epiphanies, if there is such a thing. However, I tried the Tjaden beef, and my friends, I indeed had a food epiphany. I think I've been eating mediocre beef my whole life. After cooking up a couple of steaks I remember thinking, "Oh this is what great beef is supposed to taste like." Now I get it. Everything from the rib eyes, to the roasts, to the ground beef. All wonderful. 

My fellow denizens of Nebraska, we live in this great state and we shouldn't have to put up with mediocre beef. If you're not excited about beef, give these folks a try. You'll be glad you did."

matthew chandler-smith

grant, ne

We have been eating Wyoming Organic beef for 14 years. When we moved back to Nebraska 2015 starting buying our organic beef from Costco. We heard about Casey and Nicole Tjaden beef through the local newspaper. We read the testimonials and bought 2 bundles of beef. Enjoyed our first hamburgers on July 4th. Excellent beef and very tasty. We give it an absolute 5 stars. We recommend their beef and it's tremendous to support our local people. Thank you for the good customer service you provide

dennis & mavis goodin

grant, ne

We absolutely love your beef! Just had some today at lunch! So nice that you deliver also, we appreciate you! Thank you!

mike & donna Mayer

Grant, NE

We have enjoyed our purchase from start to finish! Nicole was so patient answering all my questions about their beef prior to making the decision to buy. Customer service is top notch and their beef falls right in line with that. The quality/taste is fantastic - we are never disappointed no matter what the cut we prepare. Thank you to Nicole and her family for providing a top quality, reasonably priced product paired with stellar customer service!

lisa leeman

Iliff, Co

I thought I knew what great tasting beef was until I had The Tjaden Ranch Brand. They're going the extra mile to do things the right way and it shows in the quality of their product. Thanks to all at Tjaden Ranch.

James davis

colorado springs, co

Beef is really good, thank you so much.

june draper

gurley, co

Your beef is fantastic, we certainly taste the difference. There is no comparison to grocery store beef. We are so happy with our purchase. Thanks so much to your wonderful Tjaden Ranch family for providing a superior product.

Kerry & Rose Smith

riverside, ca

We finally tried your ground beef tonight and it was awesome! 20lbs will last us awhile but when we do run out we definitely will be interested in getting some more from you down the road.

robert webb

loveland, co

Great people to work with, beef is top quality, and they delivered it right to the house.

bill brush

lincoln, ne

I bought Bundle 1 which contains a chuck roast. It is what beef is supposed to be. Absolutely tender and delicious.

nan hanway

lincoln, ne

Wonderful product, great service. Thank you for being easy to work with and fast!

brian rockwell

chapin, nc

Excellent beef! Love the New York Strip and the ground beef is awesome!

rick inbody

lincoln, ne

I received my first order of Ribeyes and hamburger. I grilled a couple Ribeyes, they were juicy, tender and great flavor. The prices are very reasonable especially when you add in the fact that Nicole delivered my order to Sidney at no extra charge. From now on I will be getting my beef at Tjaden Ranch instead of the grocery stores.

connie hoffman

sidney, ne

Bought sirloin steaks today from the Sunday Holiday Harvest Farmers Market in Lincoln. Excellent quality and look forward to trying other cuts!

susan berke

lincoln, ne

Great beef jerky! When we buy a grill, I’m definitely getting ground beef and steaks from this place. The meat always seems to be fresher than when bought in the store.

mattie mcintosh

lincoln, ne

My family really enjoys the flavor of the meat in our favorite meals .They are very polite and kind. Thank you for sharing the healthy way to take care of our body

christine bernt

york, ne



Our ranch raised beef is available in bulk quantities, beef bundles and individual cuts year-round. Please see our Our Products page for more information.

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