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Initial payment is a deposit. Once weight is determined, we will notify you of remaining balance.


This item is $16.50/LB, and the estimated final prices are:


SMALL PRIME RIB - the estimated total is between $82.50 and $132.00 and the estimated final weight is between 5 and 8 lbs. Feeds 6-12 people.


LARGE PRIME RIB - the estimated total is between $165.00 and $264.00 and the estimated final weight is between 10 and 16 lbs. Feeds 12-20 people.


Please contact us if there is a preferred size you would like - we will do our best to accommodate! 


Our prime rib is especially popular during holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter!  Contact us to pre-order! 

Prime Rib (Deposit)

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