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Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi Pot Roast Recipe Tjaden Ranch Beef
Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi Pot Roast is becoming an increasingly popular American recipe! It is full of flavor and super easy, with just a handful of ingredients needed. We usually serve it with roasted potatoes and a lettuce salad. If we have leftovers, we’ll make hoagie sandwiches and top with cheese sauce. Enjoy!

Mississippi Pot Roast
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6 T. butter, cut into pads

2 T. dry ranch dressing mix

1 packet au jus gravy mix

½ jar of a pepperoncini juice (from a 16 oz jar)

6 pepperoncini peppers

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place chuck roast, butter and pepperoncini juice into a crock pot.   

  2. Sprinkle dry ranch dressing mix, and au jus gravy mix over roast.

  3. Add pepperoncini peppers.

  4. Lightly salt and pepper to taste.

  5. Cook on low heat for approximately 8 hours or until roast is tender with a fork.

  6. Shred roast with fork and serve.


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